Dead Sexy Cabaret

Fridays at 11:00pm

The Dead Sexy Cabaret
Step into the Evil Laboratory and Cabaret Space of Mad Scientist Dr Johanny Porkenpie (Jonny Porkpie) and experience terror in a whole new way: Sensually. Every Friday, half a dozen featured performers raised from a deadpool of over 100 of the most psychotic neo-burlesque and variety artists burst from the grave onto the stage for a night of bloodthirsty burlesque, maniacal music, sexual sorcery, and more. Monstrously talented, insanely sexy! Terror has never been so titillating; horror has never been so hot. Come scream — with excitement! — at this bold experiment in bloodthirsty burlesque, which sends a jolt of electricity through Times Square Fridays at 11:00pm through December 4.

A Dead Sexy Burlesque CHRISTMAS CAROL
For the holiday season, Dead Sexy meets Dickens in association with Pinchbottom, with an all-star cast bringing the classic creepy Christmas story to the burlesque stage. Praise for Pinchbottom's previous burlesque Christmas Carol, "Filthy Lucre" - “Even Mr. Durang doesn't dismember Dickens as much as the clothing-optional folks at Pinchbottom do in ‘Filthy Lucre: A Burlesque Christmas Carol’... perhaps the loveliest and certainly the nudest Scrooge in history, aided by the ghosts of burlesque past, present and future, considers whether she has a higher calling than running a mere strip club. Perhaps this "Christmas Carol" isn't the best choice for the kiddies.” - The New York Times


  • "A Burlesque Horror Show"

    The New Yorker
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